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"Forward Skating
Exceptional Hockey Players make skating a natural skill, make skate second nature. The only way this happens is improving skating skills through daily practice.
href="../../ice_hockey/ Skating Phases
Skating involves three distinct phases... the Drive, the Glide and the Recovery. During all phases the skater naturally moves their arms giving them maximum speed around the rink.
The "Drive" generates power using a side thrust.
Back Leg - extends fully … Toe - makes the final push on the rink... Body - leans forward.
The "Glide" maximizes the stride length with the body staying over the glide foot. The "Glide Phase" also begins any stopping actions.
Shoulders - over the knees... Knees - over the toes... Back Leg - over the rink after pushing off for the drive.
The "Recovery" gets the skater ready for the next "Drive.”
Back Leg - comes back under the body... Hips - over the skates... New Drive Leg - begins the "drive phase" when the hips are under the skater's body."

"BACKWARD STOPPING - All “Backward Stopping” Skills end in the “Ready Position”.
Two- Foot Stop
Skates - rotate outward at a 180 degree angle… Skate Heels - close together… Knees - flexed… Skate Pressure - inside skate edge, front part of the blade.
One-Foot Stop/T-Push
Back Skate - swings back... plants in back of the player at a right angle to the player’s direction using the inside skate edge... Shoulders/Hips/Legs - move counterclockwise as the “Right Leg” swings back... Back Skate Knee - bends… Weight - on front part of the back leg skate... Left Skate- at the end of this stop, moves under the body... Left Knee - bends preparing for a “T-Push” push off..."

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