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"Wrist Shots
The Wrist Shot" is an extension of the "Forehand Sweep Pass" using the same basic skills as the "Forehand Sweep Pass" until the player is ready to release the puck.
Getting Ready for the "Wrist Shot". Puck - just behind the middle of your stance and in the middle to the heel of the stick's blade... Ankles - flexed... Knees - bent... Chest - over the knees... Head - tilted to see both the puck and the net... Body - at a 45 degree angle to the shot’s direction... Hands - bring the stick and the puck slightly behind the back skate... Head - tilted to see both the net and the target.
Preparing for the "Wrist Shot". Weight - shifts from the front foot to the back foot.
Beginning the Down-Swing. Head - stays tilted to see the puck and the target... Weight - shifts from the back foot to the front foot... Knees - bend even more than when "getting ready for the shot"... Front Skate - turns to face forward at a slight angle, then glides forward in the direction of the shot.
Making the "Wrist Shot". Back Skate - lifts rotating behind the front skate... Weight - completely shifts to the front skate... Top Hand - pulls the stick... Bottom Hand - pushes to sweep the puck at the target... Front Leg - slight step to the target... Weight - transfers from the back leg to the front leg.
Follow-Through. Stick Blade - finish by pointing the stick blade directly at the net while
curling the blade to the middle of the net... prepares for a return pass... Chin - lifts... Eyes - to give accuracy to the shot, look at the target."

"Deflections and Rebounds
Shots off deflections or rebounds beat even the best goalie.
Deflections. As the puck travels to the net, a teammate slightly changes the shot's trajectory. The Goaltender finds this shot almost impossible to save.
Rebounds. Goaltenders save low shots with their skates or pads. This usually causes a playable rebound. When teammates "go to the playable rebound. When teammates "go to the net" thinking rebound after a shot and shot quickly, then the team's scoring chances greatly improve... Whether a deflection or a rebound, use the stick to get the puck into the goal."

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