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"Puck Positioning
For the best control, the puck should be positioned and handled on the heel of the stick blade.
Blade Heel - moves from side to side more than the toe of the stick blade… Passing and Shooting - all passes and shots come from the heel of the blade to give the puck more spin and control over the puck.
Moving Forward With the Puck
When moving the puck quickly up the ice without any defensive pressure, only the wrists control the puck out in front of the player's body. When the arms move the puck from side to side, the player slows down and may cause the player to lose control of the puck.
Puck Position - directly in front of the skates… Eyes - peripheral vision looks up-ice to anticipate the next move while seeing the puck on their stick blade… Skates - when losing the puck, kick the puck back into the skate blade… Wrists - move (roll) the puck from side to side to grip the puck on the heel of the stick… Movement - with the puck in front of the skate the player moves either to the right or the left when confronted by a defender.
Note: When players push the puck, instead of stickhandle the puck, the player limits their possibilities as the defender approaches.

"Using the Skates
Out of the rink drills greatly help players in developing these skills.
Between the Skates
Direction - always kick the puck forward... Movement - pass the puck from one skate to the other.
Skate to Stick
Movement - kick the puck ahead of the stick... Practice - practice this skill with both feet.
Over Skating the Puck
Movement - deliberately over skate the puck... Performing this Skill - the rear skate kicks the puck to the front skate... Practice - make sure to practice this skills with both feet."

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