"Effective Passing Mechanics"
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When a player completes a pass, the part of the ice used to advance the puck is a "passing lane".
Players who want the puck need not only to receive the pass, but be in a position to do something with the puck after receiving the pass.
To create a "passing lane"...
Keep the head up, look for "passing lanes" and ask for the puck.
Skate toward the passer, then cut 90 degrees across the ice.
Keep the stick blade flat on the ice making the stick blade parallel to the passer.
Prepare for the next move once the pass is received.
Tap the stick on the ice, yell at the puck handler or look the passer in the eye to signal a pass and that the player has another move after receiving the pass.
When the teammate reads the play, they will fill the "passing lane" or skate to open ice before making the pass."

In times when the "weak" or "offside" teammate speeds down the ice without a clear "passing lane", the passer passes off the boards behind the teammate to get the puck to this player. Play the puck off the boards giving a teammate a chance to skate to the puck and still have their eyes watching the ice.
When playing an away game, get used to the boards before the game begins and, whether home or away, learn to use the boards as an extra teammate."

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