"Effective Goaltending Mechanics"©
Discover goaltending mechanics the pros use with this 8 panel brochure.
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"Goaltender Ready Position
Knees - bent bringing the backside closer to the rink surface... Waist - bent to bring the chest over the knees... Chest - over the knees... Head - up... Skates - parallel... Feet - shoulder width apart... Toes - pointed straight ahead... Shoulders - back… Hockey Stick - hands hold the stick thigh high in front of the body placing the stick blade positioned between the skates… Catch Glove - thigh high with the glove open to the play... Body - after any save, the player gets back into their "Ready Position" as quickly as possible."

"Butterfly Pad Save
Goaltender uses this save with a lot of traffic in front of the net or against a deking forward. When compared to the "Skate Save", the goalie covers more area giving themselves a better chance of saving the shot. This save, on the other hand, makes the goalie at risk to rebounds in front of the net.
All "Butterfly Pad Saves" begin from the "Ready Position".
Knees - on the rink surface supporting the player's weight… carry the goalie's body weight… Toes - pointing outward creating a "V" with the shins… Upper Body - remains in an upright position to cover the top of the net… Hands - hold the stick blade in the space between the knees, 3 inches in front of the knees and with the blade at a 90 degree angle with the ice…. Pads - flat on the rink surface... Body - after the save, gets back into the "Ready Position" as quickly as possible."

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