"Effective Defensive Mechanics"
Discover defense mechanics the pros use with this 8 panel brochure.
Practice these skills using the drills presented in "Effective Defense Drills" .
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"8 Basic Defensive Principles
The 8 basic defensive tactics are...
1. Pressure - as soon as the team losing the puck, one player immediately pressures the puck handler.
2. Speed - use speed to limit offensive options and force errors.
3. Pursuit - proper use of angles to limit offensive options...
4. Grouping - defensemen position themselves to restrict space...
5. Commit or contain - the defenseman either commits or contains the offensive player.
6. Stall and Contain - force the offense to stop or slow down the attack's speed... the defense forces the offense to the outside of the rink.
7. Support - players away from the puck more to reduce passing options while always reacting to the puck movement..
8. Transition - the team is always ready to change from defense to offense as soon as the team gets possession of the puck."

"Defending the Lead
These are dangerous plays with five minutes or less to play. These are the plays create a scoring opportunities and quick goals for the opposing team.
Opposition End. Drop passes... Passes back to the point... Passes point to point... Shot from the point... Blind pass out from the corner or behind the net.
Neutral Zone. Long Passes... Unsafe stickhandling... Carrying the puck back toward the opposition goal... Stickhandling at the blue line.
Defensive Zone. Soft passes... Unsafe stickhandling... Shooting around the boards without looking... Diagonal passes... Passes up the middle... Giveaways." 

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