"Effective Checking Mechanics"
Discover checking mechanics the pros use with this 8 panel brochure.
Practice these skills using the drills presented in "Effective Checking Drills" .
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"Stick Lift
When coming from behind the opponent, the defensive player uses the element of surprise to lift the opponent's stick off the ice... Getting Ready. Body - remains in "Proper Skating Position"... Performing the "Stick Lift". Hands - slide the stick under the opponent's stick near the stick's heel... quickly lifts the stick up... quickly returns to the rink surface to recover the puck from the opponent... Follow-Through. Reaction - skate away from the opponent... Variation. Stick Press - press the stick over the opponent's stick or arm using upper body to muscle and gain control of the puck from the opponent."

"Riding an Opponent Out of the Play
Use this check when checking an offensive player along the boards... Getting Ready. Position - even with or slightly ahead of the offensive player while staying between the man and the goal... "Riding an Opponent Out of the Play". Side of Upper Body/Hips - makes contact with the player... Inside Arm - extends across the offensive players body (when possible) Movement - cut the offensive player off riding the offensive man to the boards... Follow-Through. Action - go for the puck as the player is ridden out of the play."

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