"Effective Skating Drills"
Discover skating drills the pros use with this 8 panel brochure.
Practice these drills using the skills presented in "Effective Skating Mechanics" .
Here are 2 sections from this brochure as they appear in

"Forward/Backward Drill
Goal: Teach players forward and backward skating skills.
Starting Player Positions: Somewhere on the board around the rink.
Equipment: None.
Drill: On command, the first skater forward skates. The next player forward skates after the previous skater goes over one of the lines on the rink. Each time the skaters past a "Blue Line", they turn to skate backward. At the next "Blue Line", the players turn the opposite way from the first turn, then skate forwards until the next "Blue Line". At this "Blue Line", the players make a turn in the opposite direction from the last turn and skate backward. The drill continues until the Coach ends the drill.
Variation: The players switch direction making turns in alternating directions when they hear the coach's whistle."

"Group Circle Skate Drill
Goal: Teach players to forward and backward skate in all directions.
Starting Player Positions: The entire team gets together in one corner of the rink.
Equipment: None.
Drill: With a gap between player's starting times, each player skates up the boards, round the first face-off circle, skates to and around the center circle, skates to and around the starting side face-off circle, skates in back of the net to the opposite side face-off circle, skates around this face-off circle, up the rink around the center circle again, then to and around the opposite face-off circle to the opposite corner."

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