"Effective Shooting  Drills"
Discover shooting  drills the pros use with this 8 panel brochure.
Practice these drills using the skills presented in "Effective Shooting Mechanics" .
Here are 2 sections from this brochure as they appear in

Three Shot Drill
Goal: Teach general shooting skills with a goaltender present.
Starting Player Positions: O1 - along the center line near the boards, O2 - at the center face-off circle, O3 - along the center line boards that are opposite from O1... G1 - Goaltender is in goal.
Equipment: Pucks around each of the three offensive players.
Drill: On command, O1, O2 and O3 skate toward the Goaltender. O1 shoots from just inside the "Blue Line, O2 shoots from the high slot and O3 skates to the goal attempting to shoot around the Goaltender. The players go to the end of another line to wait their next turn."

"Defenseman Shooting Drill
Goal: Teach puck movement from the Defensemen before making the shot.
Starting Player Positions: D1 and D2 - stationary for the entire drill in back of the face-off circles... O1 - skating from the corner of the rink.
Equipment: Puck located near the Offensive Players in the corners.
Drill: O1 skates up the boards to the side of the face-off circle, passes to the nearest D1, skates over the "Blue Line", circles back between D1 and D2, receives a pass from D2, then shoots the puck into the net... D1 receives a pass from O1 as O1 passes to the side of the face-off circle, then passes the puck to D2... D2 receives a pass from D1, then passes the puck to O1.
Variations: 1. Place a Goaltender in the goal.... 2. Reposition the stationary players, D1 and D2, in different positions around the rink... 3. Change the start location and the angle into the net for O1."

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