"Effective Passing Drills"
Discover passing drills the pros use with this 8 panel brochure.
Practice these drills using the skills presented in "Effective Passing Mechanics" .
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"Pucks in the Middle Drill
Goal: Teach stickhandling, shooting and passing skills.
Starting Player Positions: Team broken into two groups, each group in each corner of the rink... D1 - at each "Blue Line".
Equipment: All pucks in the center circle.
Drill: On command, the O1 skates to the center circle, takes a puck from the center circle, passes to D1, loops toward the goal on the O1 sides, receives a return pass from D1 just before the "Blue Line", stickhandles to the goal and shoots the puck on goal. D1 receives a pass from O1, then passes the puck back to O1 as O1 reaches the "Blue Line". Two players perform this drill at the same time.
Variation: Split the team into two groups at opposite corners of one end of the rink. Have two O1's start at the same time, one takes a puck, passes to D1, then both return to the end they came from. D1 passes the puck back to one of the O1's who pass and stickhandle to the goal for a shot."

"Three-on-None Drill
Goal: Teach passing skills among three players.
Starting Player Positions: This drill goes in both directions at the same time.... O1, O2 and O3 line up on the "Blue Line" about a stick length apart.
Equipment: Pucks at the "Blue Line" with the players.
Drill: On command, O1, O2 and O3 begin this drill by skating up the rink to the opposite corner. As they move up the rink, they pass back and forth to one another while increasing the distance between the players.
Variation: Players skate to the goal taking a shot to end the drill."

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