"Effective Goaltending Drills"
Discover goaltending drills the pros use with this 8 panel brochure.
Practice these drills using the skills presented in "Effective Goaltending Mechanics" .
Here are 2 sections from this brochure as they appear in

"Recovery Drill
Goal: Teach Goaltenders to immediately recover to save another shot.
Starting Player Positions: Goaltender on one knee in the goal mouth. Teammates in a semi-circle past the face-off circles ready to take a shot.
Equipment: Teammates have a supply of pucks.
Drill: Players take shots as the Goaltender recovers to their "Ready Position". The Shooter can slap their stick on the ice as a signal to the Goaltender to begin their recovery, then shoot the puck as the Goaltender is getting back into their "Ready Position".
Variations: The Goaltender starts from varied position ... on both knees, facing the end boards, facing the shooter."

"Back of the Net Drill
Teach Goaltenders to move with the puck in back of the net.
Starting Player Positions: Goaltender in their "Ready Position" in goal. Two teammates on each side of the goal, one Shooter in front of the net.
Equipment: A supply of pucks for the three players.
Drill: The two Players in back of the net pass the puck between themselves and the
Shooter in front of the net. When the Shooter feels the time is right, they attempt to score. The Goaltender moves according to the position of the puck. "

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