"Effective Defensive Drills"
Discover defense drills the pros use with this 8 panel brochure.
Practice these drills using the skills presented in "Effective Defense Mechanics" .
Here are 2 sections from this brochure as they appear in

"Cover Drill
Goal: Teach the defenseman to get close to any puckhandler near the net.
Starting Player Positions: O1 - with the puck in back of the goal... D1 - in front on the goal waiting for O1 to move.
Drill: When O1 moves, D1 stays within a half-stick length of O1. Anytime D1 is further from O1 than a half-stick length, then O1 goes for the front of the net.
Variation: O1 and O2 in back of the net... D1 and D2 in front of the net. O1 passes to O2 with D1 covering O1 and D2 covering O2. The same half-stick length premise applies between the puckhandler and the defenseman."

"Stay in Front Drill
Goal: Teach defenders to stay in front of the opposition as the players move down the ice.
Starting Player Positions: Players pair off along the boards on one side of the rink. Designate one side as attackers and the other side as defenders.
Equipment: Done without pucks.
Drill: The attacking players skate forward using multiple cross-overs. The defenders skate backward to stay in front of the attacking players.
Variation: The attackers skate with a puck, the defenders maintain their position without trying to take the puck away." 

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