"Effective Checking Drills"
Discover checking drills the pros use with this 8 panel brochure.
Practice these drills using the skills presented in "Effective Checking Mechanics" .
Here are 2 sections from this brochure as they appear in

"Backchecking Drill - 1
Goal: Teach backchecking skills.
Starting Player Positions: O1 - just inside the "Blue Line" along the boards, O2 - at center ice... D1 - a few yards in back of O1... this drill is worked in both directions.
Equipment: Cones a couple of yards off the boards inside each "Blue Line"... pucks on both sides of the "Center Circle".
Drill: O1 skates along the boards, receives a pass from O2 just before reaching the cone, cuts around the cone, stickhandles to the net... D1 skates on the inside of the cone, checks/stops O1 from scoring after O1 receives the puck from O2.
Variation: After the players master backchecking with an open net, place a goaltender in the net."

"Checking Player Stopping behind the Net
Goal: Teach designated checking skills when the puck handler stops behind the net.
Starting Player Positions: O1 - Left side of the face-off circle... D1 - at the "Blue Line" on the same end of the ice as O1.
Equipment: Pucks at the face-off circle.
Drill: O1 stickhandles in back of the net, stops in back of the net, stickhandles up the ice to either side of the net, goes to the back of D1 line... D1 skates toward the net, performs the designated checking skill on O1, goes to the back of the O1 line."

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